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Can you make out some of these signatures?
Can you make out some of these signatures?
Maybe you are not a member of our class and you've just popped in to visit our site.  Don't forget to sign our guest book before you log off!  Give a shout out to a friend you haven't seen in a while, and/or let us know what is new with you. We want to know you were here!
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Sandy Martin
Posted on the 2017-11-15 at 19:00
Douglas Campbell
Posted on the 2008-04-07 at 20:00
hi all hope to see you guys soon DouglasCampbell
Justine Lehner
Posted on the 2007-11-24 at 19:00
I just want to thank everyone who put the reunion together, it was great to see all of you and my husband and I had a wonderful time.  It is amazing how we all changed but still stayed the same --- I really learned a lot about people that I did not know and I realized that I went to school with a lot of amazing people :)
Tom Mastersen (Speer)
Posted on the 2007-11-17 at 19:00
Hey there everyone, Wow this site it awesome! I've been glued to it most nights since Donna told me about it. It has been great being able to see what everyone has done with themselves after High School. We sure did spread out across the country, and so far one went to Italy, how cool is that, Congrats Angela! Many of the hilights of my life are in my Bio. Nothng too exciting until the last 4 years. We are are really so looking forward to the reunion, I never knew about the first one, but I wont miss this one. The best thing about this site is the ability to reach out to the people you knew back then and drop them a line, or two, or a novel, (sorry Karen). Even if some dont write back, its all good, what the hell, I havent seen or heard from any one in 20 years its always worth a shot.
Nipa Shah Clayton
Posted on the 2007-11-10 at 19:00
Hi everyone!! I have been enjoying this website so much and seeing all those friendly faces -- I can't make it to the reunion, but have a blast and know I'm thinking of you!! After the reunion... let's find time to catch up, I can't believe how much I've missed you guys!
Jen Warren (Bready)
Posted on the 2007-11-05 at 19:00
I'm having a blast with this website!  However, some old friends are noticeably missing: Mark VanKouteren, Nipa Shah, Joanne Pinter, Fred Harman, Christina Chu...hmmm, who else can I think of?  Where are you all hiding?
Beth (Edwards) Misener
Posted on the 2007-11-03 at 20:00
Amazing what a small world this is......for the longest time I saw nobody from RHS and then everything started coming full circle......ran into Sharon Humphrey when she was interviewing where I worked and we came great friends again, not too long ago I found out Pat Farrell lives right around the corner from me and our kids are in the same elementary school.  Have run into others here and there.  Looking forward to the reunion!
Posted on the 2007-11-02 at 20:00
Hey everyone. I'd be up for catching up with you all on Friday night too. I'm staying in a room at the Rossi's both nights, but have no plans Friday night, nor do I know anyone in the area anymore. Its been 18 yrs since I stepped foot in NJ! Send an email.
Jennifer Detwiller Hanifan
Posted on the 2007-10-31 at 20:00
Come on everyone, send a blurb of some sort.  Even if it has choice words like Chris White's a couple down  ;o).  And Yes Chris we are going to miss you, of course...  we are all in this together   It would be great to just catch up!  But if not, be good.
Angela Cooper
Posted on the 2007-10-29 at 20:00
I had a great time reading up on where everyone is and what they have been up to. I can't commit to dinner at the reunion as I will be out of town, but if I get back early enough I will try to pop in for a cocktail or two afterwards! Have fun everyone!
Anita (Holy) Stearns
Posted on the 2007-10-25 at 20:00
Hey guys, to all of you who are posting messages here in the guest book - please make sure you also put your profile up on the page of this website that is entitled "classmates." On that page around 60 people have already posted "then" and "now" pictures and updates on what's been happening in their lives for the last 10 years. It's pretty cool and we don't want to miss out on having your info there too. So please post there! (okay - how's that for a motivational speech - I should have been a cheerleader:) Anita
Chris White
Posted on the 2007-10-25 at 20:00
I cannot travel that weekend to make the reunion. I know...., Wah wah wahhhhh, like anyone gives a flying F*#K!!! To those that do attend have a great time.
Wayne Berry
Posted on the 2007-10-19 at 20:00
Well lets see, I'm still kinda quiet. I went into the Military just to get out of Roxbury for a little while. (To open my wings) I still live in NJ, I live in Bridgewater and work for the Somerset County Parks Dept. I am married and have two boys ages 4 and 2. Well I will see everyone at the reunion.
Angela Velez
Posted on the 2007-10-18 at 20:00
You can read about my life in "Classmates". I wish more people would write. It was a blast reading and I'm sure the reunion will be too. It's too bad I can't make it.
Jennifer Detwiller Hanifan
Posted on the 2007-10-17 at 20:00
I went and signed in over on the Message Board, so take a look there. Hope to see you in November. And to get a hold of me... my # 252-726-9994 hm or 252-241-8743 cell.
Rachel Brooks Generazio
Posted on the 2007-10-12 at 20:00
Hi Everyone, This is a really nice site. It's been so long since I even thought about HS. How are you all? I can't come to the reunion cause I am not able to, due to my illness (MS). I am not feeling strong enough to go, sorry. I hope you all have a great time. Good Luck to you all. :) Love, Rachel
Michelle Bennett
Posted on the 2007-10-11 at 20:00
Whats up Roxbury! I have been livin in Scottsdale and no I did not marry John Standridge.(no offense Johnny) But there is a small Roxbury crowd here we should just have the reunion here(haha)Everyone here thinks I talk funny But hey I am proud to be from Jersey. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunouin also. I spoke to a few other classes and they suggested we have a casual get together @ some place like the barn(the old seafood shack ) on Fri. (nightbefore the reunion) they say it is so much more down to earth and everyone is not so dressed up!!see ya there.
Peter Oefelein
Posted on the 2007-10-06 at 20:00
Hey long time no see. Hope to See everyone on the 24th.See ya soon.
John Standridge
Posted on the 2007-09-24 at 20:00
Cant wait to see everyone . Well just a little bit about what has been going on in my life . I live in Scottsdale Arizona .I got married last year to a Roxbury girl. That I met 6 years ago . I am with Maricopa County Sheriff . I was working for Rural metro Ambulance and left and purchase a sec. home in Scottsdale to start a care home for elderly people and to provide hospice . We will be working on a sec. care home soon . I also have a business that we remodel homes and business and do repairs . We travel alot .LIFE IS GREAT . If anyone wants to get a hold if me . I would love to keep in touch Please email me @ or call 480-947-2848 would love to keep in touch. .Hope everyone is doing great . God Bless .