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What have I been up to....
Since leaving school I traveled alot and schooled in Australia & England & graduated at St. Elizabeth, Morristown. A world tour, but very exiting. I worked at AT&T for several years climbing the ladder successfully, but not satisfied. I took a retirement package and worked at Turpin Real Estate in Far Hills,
until my second child, and became the Domestic Engineer that I am today (4 subjects, & 2 furry ones)! Jerry, who hails from Pope John School in Newtown, and I meet at a "Bank Function", (:o)at a local bar in Morristown) and have been together eversince. We married in 1994, and have 4 children, Finnuala 9, Treas 8, Michaella 7, and Cian 3,(Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy). Michaella, has medical concerns, but we are almost out of the woods to where she is back to where she should be. This being the most challenging, really makes me stop to smell the roses and try to embrace all of the good times. Which is hard, 'cause being a parent.... Well need I say more! There is no instruction book.
Jerry on the other hand, own's his own Financial Company, and loves his work.
After moving 4 times in NJ, We moved to where we are now in Morehead City, on the coast of NC. Being on the sound our activities involve everything with water, we also frequent the Smokey Mountains, travel, more or less wine & dine, and get overly excited at the kids soccer games, dance & extra curriculum activities.
So with that being said, I hope to make it to the reunion, see old friends and faces & catch up.

(the picture is of Craig & I, 39th B-Day) Image